As a freelance translator with 14 years of experience, I provide professional translations of various mediums, including books (fiction and nonfiction), films, articles, website content, and more. Fluent in five languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish), I am dedicated to bridging the gap between cultures and bringing international authors to the English-speaking world.

The three activities I have pursued with most fervor in my private time are music, sports, and literature. Playing an instrument has given me the discipline required to learn an intricate craft and rewarded me with the freedom to improvise and commune with other musicians. Sports have kept me healthy and sociable. Reading literature in five languages has been my training ground for writing, and by extension, translating. It has given me an ear finely attuned to style in its myriad forms, and to the beauty of language.

My higher education consisted of four years at the University of Oxford, where I studied Philosophy and Modern Languages. Many will have heard of this university, but fewer will be familiar with its peculiar format of teaching known as the tutorial, in which one professor sits with one or two students at a time for the duration of a class. The students bring the essays they’ve written that week, and the tutorial is dedicated to a freestyle debate on the arguments presented. This approach allows a very intensive and open exchange of ideas with the professor which is simply not possible in a traditional lecture hall. Apart from translation, my particular degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages equipped me with a rigorous training in literary, linguistic, and logical analysis which has been indispensable in my experience as an English teacher and translator.

With 14 books under my belt and a rich portfolio of scripts, articles, texts, and documents, I have honed my skills as a reliable and talented translator. Additionally, I have collaborated with a variety of production companies, such as Capstone Films in L.A. (known for The Wolf of Wall Street and Papillon), Leone Group in Italy, Caramel Films, Youplanet, Arclight, and others, allowing me to gain valuable experience in the film industry.

Having lived in five European countries, I draw upon a broad range of international experiences, which have shaped my unique set of literary and linguistic skills. Whether you’re an author seeking to break into the English-speaking market or a screenwriter looking to adapt your screenplay, I am here to assist you.

Together, we can unlock the potential of your literary creations or screenplays and captivate a wider audience. Completed projects and references attesting to my professionalism and satisfied clients are available upon request. Let’s embark on this rewarding journey where words transcend language barriers, and stories find their rightful place in the hearts of readers and viewers.

Contact me today, and let’s discuss how we can bring your literary vision or screenplay to life.